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           Welcome to the official website of the Sumter Ghost Finders.Thank you Samantha for building the website for us.Information on various topics and new investigation photos will be added to this site on a regular basis so be sure to check back often.

       Ghost Stories Wanted 
      We are looking for ghost stories about the city of Sumter and the areas surrounding Sumter.These stories can be about urban legends in the area,strange creatures seen in the area,ghost stories passed down from one generation to the next about ghosts in the area, and about not just people but ghost trains,cars,ghost animals,etc.These stories may be used in a book and in a combination history-ghost tour of downtown Sumter.Please call me at 803-481-8826 or email me at edavis5@sc.rr.com if you have any such stories.We will give you credit for the stories.Some of these stories may be posted on this website.
        Sumter Ghost Finders is a responsible and trustworthy paranormal research and investigations group.We are based in Sumter ,South Carolina,and we investigate homes,businesses,historical sites,and other places for evidence of paranormal activity.We currently investigate places in the midlands of South Carolina,but we can investigate any place in South Carolina.We do not charge for our services and your privacy is assured.We have all of the latest scientific equipment that is available for use in paranormal investigations.We have thermal cameras,infrared cameras,emf meters,ghostboxes,ion generators,ion counters,complete surveillance systems,the ovilus,and numerous other pieces of scientific equipment that we can use on our investigations.We have the latest and best pieces of scientific equipment, and we have the experience and the expertise to use the equipment properly.No piece of equipment is of any use to you if you do not know how to use it.Call us today if you would like for us to do an investigation for you.
        For a short time period,we will pay for the right to investigate haunted houses or haunted businesses that are more than one hundred years old.Please give me a call today at 803-481-8826 if you own such a place.
        Many people feel that their house may be haunted,but they do not want to call in a reputable and experienced paranormal investigations group to do an investigation for them.Some people believe that there are no ghosts,just demons and angels.This is a widely held belief,especially in the South or Bible Belt.If this is trully your belief,then do not call someone to do an investigation for you.You have the right to this belief and I or no one else should try to change your mind.However,if you think that there may just be a slight chance that ghosts or spirits do exist,and you also think that there may be a spirit haunting your house,then give our group a call if you live in our area or give another reputable group a call if you live somewhere else.If you want to just talk with me about what is going on in your house,but do not want to schedule an investigation,then please give me a call at 803-481-8826 or send an email  to me at edavis5@sc.rr.com. I promise you that I will never try to talk you into letting us do an investigation for you if you feel uncomfortable about the whole situation.I will give you my best advice about how to handle the situation.I may even tell you to seek out your own pastor or priest if that seems to be your best option.Never feel pressured to do something that you do not want to do.
        Some people have a feeling that their house may be haunted.There are strange things happening in their house that can not be explained.Something just does not seem quite right about their house.However,they have become used to these strange happenings and have no fear of what is going on around them.They are not afraid to stay in the house alone.They do not feel at all threatened by unseen forces.If you think that your house is haunted,but you feel comfortable living in it and you can sleep soundly at night,there is no need to call us or anyone else to do an investigation for you.If you accept your house as it is and really enjoy living in it,you do not need someone to come into it and tell you things that may make you afraid to live in your own house.We only want to do investigations for those who feel that their house is haunted and who sincerely want to know who or what is haunting their house.They can accept and live with any authentic and credible evidence that we found during our investigation to show that their house is indeed haunted.
       Probably 99 per cent of the houses that we investigate and find to be haunted are haunted by benign spirits that just want attention.They do whatever they can with the powers that they have to get the attention of the people living in the house.They will continue to do these things until the people living there acknowledge them and tell them that they believe spirits are living in their house.Most spirits are attention seekers,but they are almost always harmless.Probably  much less than one percent of homes that are truly haunted are haunted by evil spirits or entities that have the power to hurt people.Some of these can easily lift a person up off the floor no matter what the person weighs.They can push you down the stairs or grab hold of you and prevent you from leaving a room.If you have this type of activity going on in your house and are afraid of what is going to happen next,then you need to get help immediately.Leave your house if you have to.Our group will get you the help that you need if you call us.Specially trained priests are available to deal with such powerful hauntings so do not believe groups when they tell you they can get rid of these entities which may be demons.I have done a lot of investigations and I have only come across one entity that may have been a demon.The chance that your house is actually haunted is pretty slim and the chance that it is haunted by a demon is almost non-existent.
        There are many qualified and reputable ghost hunting groups in this state and other
states.Most ghost hunters are responsible,honest,and likeable folks.However, there are some ghost hunters that have no integrity and no class.They spread false rumors and tell lies about other groups and other ghost hunters.They try to get more business for their group by trying to ruin the reputations of other groups.They never have anything nice to say about other ghost hunting groups that do investigations in their area.The ghost hunting profession is one of the few fields where many of those in it are jealous of each other and will not share information or ideas or work with each other for the common good of all.This needs to change.Sumter Ghost Finders will work with other groups that may be smaller, or groups just starting out that do not have the equipment that we have to do investigations with.Just call us if your group needs help doing a large investigation or if you just want to get another's group opinion on a particular subject dealing with ghost hunting.It would be better for all those involved if ghost hunting groups would cooperate with each other instead of taking cheap shots at each other.
        I put photos on this site that I think are strange,eerie,and sometimes just interesting or cute.I will try to add photos to the site on a regular basis.Many of the photos,I truly believe show evidence of the paranormal.Pictures that have ghost people faces in them,ghost dogs,ghost cats,shadow people,and strange and eerie mists in them are very hard to come by and can not rationally be explained.I do not believe that there is a person alive today,professional photographer or anyone else, that can look at a photo and state with 100 percent certainty that the photo does or does not show evidence of paranormal activity.I will leave it up to each individual that looks at the photos to decide if they show evidence of the paranomal or not.Our group has been fortunate enough to have captured the voices of many,many ghosts and spirits on our cassette recorders,digital recorders,and camcorders.Some of these ghosts were murder victims,confederate soldiers,union soldiers,historical figures,revolutionary war soldiers,plantation owners,and one is an urban legend that still walks the streets of a small town.We put a special emphasis on getting as many clear evps as we possibly can during our investigations.Some intelligent spirits can actually engage in meaningful conversations with humans and many of them want to do so.Many spirits are just as anxious and as excited to talk to us as we are to talk to them.Until we can get these intelligent spirits to talk to us about what it is like to be a spirit,we are never going to advance our knowledge of spirits.Collecting clear evps is the most neglected part of an investigation.Our group has also been lucky enough to captue a ghost train on video,a ghost car on video,and orbs in the shape of flying saucers on video.We really enjoy our ghost hunting expeditions and we are always looking for others with highly qualified skills to join our group.We can always use another psychic with proven skils to join the ones that we have now and we can always use someone with a high degree of technical skills to help us set up equipment for investigations and to help us with reviewing the evidence that we obtained during an investigation.If you have some ghost hunting experience and have your own ghost hunting equipment,we can probably use you on our investigations,also.All new members must go by the rules and expectations that we have set for all our members.If you would like to talk with me about possibly joining our group,then send me an email at edavis5@sc.rr.com Thanks for visiting our site. Elliott Davis
Last Updated: 2/2/2010